Natural RX

Interesting Facts

Vitamin E capsules taken daily can plump up breast tissue. (Really!)
Take two 500 IU capsules per day. NOT more.


Rinsing with Hydrogen Peroxide will strengthen your gums & whiten your teeth.
Swish around your mouth for 1 minute, 3x per week.


Washing your face with powdered milk is an excellent way to care for your skin.
The granular texture gently exfoliates & the milk nourishes your skin with Vitamin A.

Take a handful of your used coffee grounds & scrub your hands & forearms with it.
It leaves your skin baby soft and glowing! The effects last for days.
{Cellulite treatment: mix used coffee grounds with oil & coarse sugar & scrub legs/body in the shower}

Use Coconut Oil!
It is an excellent moisturizer – both internally and externally. Also deep conditions hair and gets rid of acne.
Rub directly on your skin & hair and drop a dollop in your morning coffee, tea or oatmeal!

Use fresh lemon to exfoliate and brighten your skin while diminishing dark spots.

Basil Glow for gorgeous skin:
2 T. fresh basil
1 c. boiling water
Brew basil in water until cool.
Pour in spritzer bottle & spray on face. Air dry.

Quick skin pick-me-up!
Bend over at the waist, as far as you can go, and hold to the count of 30.


Use Almond Oil to remove eye makeup. It’s nourishing & effective and makes lashes grow!


Homemade keratin treatment for your hair: Softens, strengthens & conditions your hair like nothing else!

1 packet of Knox gelatin
1 cup boiling H20
Your favorite conditioner
Clarifying shampoo
Shower cap or Saran wrap

Boil some water, and dissolve the gelatin. Next mix well with your conditioner in a bowl. Set aside. Give your hair a nice, clarifying shampoo – 2 if you use hair product regularly. The mixture will be thickened by the time you are finished washing. Take time to cover every strand of your hair with the gelatin mixture. Then cover your head with saran wrap. Leave on for 25-30 minutes and rinse well.

Colorless Henna is a natural volumizer for fine hair. Follow directions on the package for an inexpensive & effective treatment. Hair will be full and healthy!

Dandruff Control:
Dissolve 30 uncoated aspirin in 12 oz. basic drugstore shampoo. Use regularly & watch flakes disappear.


Braids vs. Facelift!
Hollywood diva trick: Weave a tiny braid behind each ear then tie them together under the rest of your hair. It smooths the skin of the jaw & neck giving you a lift without all the pain/cost/downtime/risk.

DIY Microdermabrasion:
2 T. of Baking Soda
Mix with water to make paste & gently rub into skin. Let sit for 5 minutes & rinse.

Face-Lift Egg White Mask:
Beat 1 egg white to a froth and apply all over face (+ eye area, chin and jaw!)
Allow to dry (no more than 10 minutes)
Lightly rinse off.

Firming Banana Mask:
Mash 1 very ripe banana in enough honey to make soft. Apply over face and hair, letting it rest for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

(Aging movie stars line their bras with it to make ’em perky!)

Moisturizing Honey Mask:
Apply pure honey from jar to face and neck. Allow it to set until dry. Rinse with warm water.

Cleansing Mask:
Grind 1 cup oatmeal to a powder, add 3 drops almond oil, 1/2 cup milk and 1 egg white.
Blend together & apply. Rinse after 20 minutes.

The Bottomline

18% of nonsurgical treatments (filler, Botox, lasers) are pre-midlife crisis patients.
Ages 19-34

Teenage plastic surgery has risen 380% in the last 10 years!

The top teen surgical procedures are:

Rhinoplasty (nose re-shaping)
Otoplasty (ear surgery)
Correction of breast symmetry
Breast augmentation (implants)
Breast reduction
Acne & acne scar treatment
Male breast reduction

Plastic surgery is not just for those who can afford it, either. Here are the financial stats:

  • 30% with an income level of $30,000 or less
  • 41% at $31,000 to $60,000
  • 16% at $61,000 to $90,000
  • 13% at $90,000 or more