Manly March – 7 Things That Scare Me About Women

John_Cena_2012This is a very cute list by John Cena (yes, the WWE Wrestling Superstar & on-again off-again boyfriend of Nikki Bella).
But what can I say? We love ’em all here at Imperfect Pearls. There is wisdom in everyone.

  1. How resourceful you are.
    I’ve seen a woman use a foil gum wrapper as a mirror to touch up her lipstick.
  2. How well you handle stress.
    There seems to be some kind of equation, like the more sh-t that hits the fan, the hotter you get. I may be able to deadlift a car, but you can discipline the kid while answering email, cooking dinner and standing in 4-inch heels.
  3. How you can have such a distorted image of yourselves.
    Give yourselves a break. You’re beautiful.
  4. How long it takes you to get ready.
    I’ve learned to sit down, have a drink, watch TV and wait for the awesome results.
  5. How every one of you has That Look,
    the one that lets us know we’ve crossed the line. I’d rather stare down the barrel of a shotgun.
  6. How much you gloat when you’re right.
    Mardi Gras is tamer.
  7. Childbirth.
    If it were up to men, the human race would be extinct.


From Glamour Magazine, February 2014

Imperfect Pearl