Welcome to the Movement

We believe in challenging the status quo.
We believe you are worthy and beautiful.
We believe that plastic surgery won’t bring you genuine confidence.

We are an Authenticity Movement SO playful, clever & cool – you won’t be able to resist!
Our campaign of T’s, totes, posters and more are designed to inspire the REAL you.
We build confidence by being true (& we’ll show you how to do it, too!)



Mission: To inspire all people to embrace authenticity.


So, what do you DO?
We teach people to rock what they’ve got and be who they are. All without shame or apology.

What exactly does that mean?
It means that we believe in being who you are, how you are and rocking it! We believe that confidence is the key to your strength and we’ll show you how to get it.

By any means necessary! We make How-To videos & run a blog featuring role models, straight talk and tips on natural beauty & healthcare. We also have a line of schwag (T’s, totes and more) that supports our viewpoint. Ultimately? We believe that confidence can’t be built with plastic. Our opinion may not currently be the popular one – and we intend to influence that – but we are hardly alone! It is our intention to represent the voice of another choice. Stay tuned as we have MUCH more in store. Videos, speaking engagements and our book is in the works!